Blueberry Ridge Farm

Opening June 3, 2020


Organic U-Pick Farm


Come and enjoy a unique country experience.


 Organic Blueberry Farm

U-Pick Hours

Wed. - Friday 

8 am - 1 pm


8 am - 4 pm
Opening Day

June 10, 2020

Mature Tiff and Climax bush row
Blueberry Ridge Farm Country Store

Blueberry Ridge Farm is a 

u-pick blueberry farm located in Mineola, Texas.  It is the oldest organic blueberry farm in the state of Texas.  


Our organic u-pick blueberry farm is in the heart of East Texas.  Picking season is from June to July.

We also offer a variety of other activities.  Our country store/barn is now available for lease to host a birthday party, family reunion, special occasion parties, etc.  We will also be re-opening our Pumpkin Patch in the fall of 2020. 

The bushes have lots of clusters. Makes for easy picking.
Owner Jerry Graves showing a Tiff Blue bush loaded with berries.
Season ends
 July 25, 2020

Come pick before we close.

For more information call 903-569-1550 or go to: 



Payment Options: Cash or Check only