Blueberry Ridge Farm

Pumpkin Patch Opening

Fall of 2021


Pumpkin Patch

Opening Fall of 2021

Organic U-Pick Farm


Come and enjoy a unique country experience.

Call 903-569-1550 
or 903-372-7119 for more information go to 




2022 Season Opens June 8th 



$15/U-pick gal.

Payment Options

Check/Cash Only

U-Pick Hours

Wed.- Fri. 8 -  1 

Saturday 8 -  4 


 What to bring?

We will provide buckets, and 

bags for your berries.  You may want to bring a cooler to keep your berries in while traveling home.    They do not need to get real hot.

  • Plenty of water
  • Tennis shoes for picking
  • Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Mosquito Spray
  • Picnic lunch
Look what we picked!

2022 Blueberry Season Opens June 8th 


Crop Update

The blueberry bushes held up well after the hard freeze.  They look great.  Pray for a better 2022 crop.


Blueberry Ridge is an organic blueberry farm.  The blueberries encompass five acres with four different varieties of blueberries.  Our Tiff Blue and Climax bushes are very mature and stand approximately 12 feet tall.   Several years ago, we planted some Powder Blue bushes and they stand about 6 ft. and are producing a very plentiful crop.  We also added a new variety, Premier.  We planted approximately a thousand new bushes.  Now we have approximately 2000 blueberry bushes.


Below is a slide show of how the blueberry bushes normally look in April. Although, this year we have no berries.

What else can we do?


  • Picnic on the farm
  • Hike
  • Mountain Bike
  • Go to the Mineola Nature Preserve (5 mi)  Horseback Trails encompass 13 miles, Jogging and biking trails 4 miles
  • Go to Tyler State Park (15 mi)     Canoe Rental, Extensive Biking Trails, Swimming, Fishing
  • Go to Lake Hawkins (10 mi)
  • Tiger Creek (15 mi)